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The Gilded Age
Russian Revolution
Porch: A Short Flick
What's an Architect?
How Seagulls Catch Worms
The Manhattan Project


Full animation & video production from start to finish—or choose from the following… 

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Well-researched, clever script writing in a relatable tone. A good script can teach complex information in a way that's concise, accessible, and fun.

Lone Microphone


No matter how great the video looks, it's going to fall flat without top notch audio. I direct voice actors and edit sound with an ear for pacing, clarity, and energy.

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Animation & Video

Choose from 2D animation in a range of artistic styles, green screen VFX, stop motion, and live action video. 

Hi, I'm Andrew C. Roberts

…But my friends call me Drew. I'm a Brooklyn-based writer/director/animator making all sorts of stuff, from educational videos to short films and music videos. Clients include BrainPop, Flocabulary, and Nearpod. 

I was the director of animation at Flocabulary for five years before striking out on my own in 2019. Prior to that, I worked as a writer and journalist in upstate New York. (More on my LinkedIn.) I'm currently working on client projects, a short film, and a pilot episode for an educational animated series. When I'm not cranking out videos and cartoons I'm probably canoeing upstate, biking, or making music.

Got a project? A wild idea? Give me a shout using the form below!

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